How do I Pick a Beginners Running Shoe – 7 Easy Steps

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Choosing the right pair of running shoes should be a simple process, but can be a little tricky, especially for beginners. You must go through a process of elimination by sorting through all the proposed models before settling on a pair.

However, one type of shoe is not suitable for everyone, as each person has their own taste and need. So, How do I Pick a Beginners Running Shoe? To choose the best running shoes for beginners, it is recommended to consider three main factors:

  • The shape of your feet.
  • The surfaces you run on.
  • Your body weight.

The above factors make it clear that the perfect pair of running shoes for one person may not be right for another. People have different types of legs, different weights, and they run on different surfaces.

Categories of Running Shoes

Regardless of brand or quality, running shoes can be divided into four main categories. This is very convenient for potential buyers, especially if they want only the best. In addition to the advice given above, the buyer will find these categories very helpful when choosing a pair of running shoes.

Neutral shoes

This type of shoe is ideal for runners who want maximum outsole support with minimal medial support. Biomechanically efficient runners do well with this type of shoe.

Stability shoes

This is the best type of shoe for runners with low to normal arches and moderate to mild overpronation because it provides midsole cushioning and good support.

Performance shoes

This shoe is best for runners who take part in races. They are also recommended for training as they are lighter and narrower compared to other running shoes. They also have varying degrees of cushioning and support.

Minimalist shoes

If you want a cut down shoe that retains the element of cushioning and maximum responsiveness, then this is the right choice. When a shopper walks into this store for their first or second pair of sneakers, these tips can help them choose the best.

How do I Pick a Beginners Running Shoe?

How do I Pick a Beginners Running Shoe

Choosing the Best Running Shoes in India 2022

How do I Pick a Beginners Running Shoe? How do you go about choosing the right shoes for you as a beginner?

Let’s start with the basics…

You need to go straight to the sneaker store or online ecommerce site. Walking into this store is fun, especially for first time buyers. You are free to touch, look and ask any questions about the several colorful new couples featured in the exhibition. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the shoes on display or the customer service provided by the wait staff, you should try your luck elsewhere.

It is very important to stick to what you want from the shoes; it should be a running, road or treadmill shoe. If you choose shoes designed for badminton, basketball or cricket, you won’t get the best value for money as they are not running shoes.

Shoe stores carry the best sneakers from different brands. They also have a running expert who can be consulted before a person settles on a pair of shoes. Once in the sneaker store, you should take your time, a hasty choice turns out to be inappropriate.

1. Running Shoe Professionals

If you can find a guide to running shoes in a store, you are encouraged to take advantage of their expertise. This person can give the customer valuable information about the latest and greatest footwear.

2. Running Socks

It is also recommended to bring your running socks to the sneaker store. You have to make sure it’s the right pair of socks and this is very important because the wrong pair of socks can change the size of the shoe you’re trying to buy.

If you don’t have running socks, buy them when you try on your shoes. Also, if you’ve been running for a while, it’s a good idea to bring the pair of shoes you used with you. This pair will help the seller find the best pair for you. If you also use orthopedic insoles, it is recommended that you carry them with you.

3. Feet Size

When talking about foot size, it is important to measure the width and length of the foot. This should be done whether you know your foot size or not, because statistics have shown that your feet tend to splay out due to aging and running. You just shouldn’t just rely on luck because that can lead you to buy shoes that are half or a full size too big.

4. Budget

The type and quality of running shoes will also be determined by the customer’s running experience. While larger and more experienced runners will spend more to get a shoe that emphasizes extra support and durability, beginners should limit their budget as they will need foot pads in the beginning. However, it’s not a bad idea to splurge on the idea of spending between Rs.3000 – 5000/- to get a pair of high quality sneakers.

5. Process of Elimination

Once in a sneaker store, you have to try on different brands and styles of shoes, and you should definitely choose two or three pairs to compare before settling on the best one. Be sure to check the store’s return policy. It’s also a good idea to keep your sales receipt, as you may find that while the shoe fits and feels great in the store when you’re running down the road, things can be different.

6. Buying your ideal Running Shoe

Using a sneaker store for your research is ideal and means you’ll find the perfect shoe for your needs and remember you don’t have to shop for shoes. You can find better deals online where you can find the same shoes for a lot less.

7. Running Shoes Safety

What you need to know about running shoes and safe running?

If you’re into running, whether you’re a professional runner or just an exercise enthusiast, and you’re planning to buy your first pair of running shoes, the first thing you should do is determine your foot shape and analyze the different types of running shoes in relation to the shape of your foot.

Basically, there are 3 types of foot shape. Low arch or flat feet occurs when the heel touches the ground too far towards the outer edge. Said movement puts a lot of pressure on the foot, causing it to unnaturally rotate backward too far. Running shoes ideal for low arched feet are running shoes with motion control.

A runner with a medium or normal arch will land lightly on the outside edge. This movement causes the foot to roll slightly inwards as the foot absorbs the weight of the body. For this type of runner, he needs shoes with increased stability.

For a high arch foot, the stride lands closer to the heel of the foot, and as the running cycle is nearing completion there is usually little rotation resulting in a lack of cushioning, especially when running on concrete roads. A runner with a high arch should wear shoes with good cushioning.

A motion control shoe designed to protect runners with low arches. This type of shoe prevents the foot from over-rotating as the runner completes his stride. Preventing over-rotation minimizes potential injury due to low arch stride. Motion Control shoes are usually slightly heavier and stiffer.

For a foot with an average or normal arch, it is always a mistake to assume that it does not need any special shoes. On the contrary, a normal arch of the foot requires stable running shoes. This shoe provides minimal cushioning and motion control and helps prevent any kind of injury to the runner.

If a typical arc runner uses any type of running shoe with an unstable design, they risk injury if they use a motion control system or highly cushioned running shoes.

A runner with a high arch needs shoes with good cushioning. The extra cushioning allows for normal foot rotation and enhances cushioning when needed, thereby protecting the runner from running-related injuries.

Running should always be an enjoyable physical activity. Stay safe, wear the right shoes, specially designed for your foot shape.

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