Which is Better for Running Adidas or Asics?

Which is Better for Running Adidas or Asics? The shoes of both companies are better. You can choose any of the two of your choice.

Yes, you need to know some important information about Adidas and Asics. In this article, I will criticize both shoe companies. So stay tuned for the article.

Which is Better for Running Adidas or Asics?

Adidas shoes are known for their durability, comfort and style. They are also known for being very comfortable, especially if you wear them every day.

However, these shoes are not always the best choice for running. If you’re a frequent runner, you should consider purchasing running shoes specifically designed for running.

Asics shoes are known for their high quality materials and great grip. They are also known for their durability and comfort, making them ideal for everyday use.

However, for running they are not as good as Adidas. They don’t provide good cushioning and tend to be heavier than Adidas.

Hit The Ground Running With The Right Shoes From Adidas

When choosing your running shoes, the task of selecting the shoes that will be best for your feet is not usually easy.

With a lot of choices in the market, various styles, different brands and confusing technological jargons and acronyms, people more often than not are overwhelmed when buying a pair of running shoes.

To simplify the process, the best advice is to just go back to the basics. Always buy running shoes that are designed to accommodate your specific foot shape.

Heeding this advice will ensure maximum protection from injury and optimal comfort for your feet.

Adidas, a well-known brand of superior running shoes, produce a wide-array of running shoes that can accommodate different foot shapes.

With its large offering, you can be sure to find your running shoes whether your foot shape is low arch, middle arch or high arch.

If you have a low arch, or flat foot, you need the Adidas low arch foot with motion control running shoes.

The Adidas Super Nova Control running shoe will provide great mid-foot comfort and support and protect you from injury related to your foot shape.

The Super Nova Control has a variety of styles for both men and women and its price ranges from Rs.4000/- to Rs.10000/-

If you are fortunate to have a normal foot or a middle arch, you still should have a running shoe that will let you maximize your enjoyment of running.

For middle arch types, Adidas has the stability running shoes called adiStar. This type of shoes provides great stability and maximum protection from shock. Price range for Adidas adiStar is from Rs.7000/- to Rs.25000/-.

The cushioned running shoes are best suited for runners with high arch feet. Adidas carries a running shoe line designed for high arch runners called adiStar Cushion.

This is a mid-range cushioned running shoe with sufficient heel and forefoot cushioning designed to provide maximum comfort while protecting the runner from injury.

Available for both men and women in a variety of colors, the price ranges from rs.5000/- to Rs.12000/-.

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ASICS Running Shoes In Achieving A Sound Mind In A Sound Body

“Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” (ASICS) is a Latin phrase which means “You should pray for a sound mind in a sound body.”

This is how the Japanese firm, ASICS, encapsulates its philosophy in developing innovative running shoes for men and women.

With the best use of technological advancements, ASICS has consistently produced highly advanced running shoes, earning ASICS accolades from their competitors and runners alike.

In 2006, Runner’s World Magazine awarded ASICS the highly-sought Best Innovation Award. This award was the result of the development of dual density gels, known as the Asics GEL-Kinsei.

Incorporating the GEL-Kinsei into the lightweight ASICS running shoes provide male and female runners with excellent shock absorption, best experience in stability, and well-cushioned and high performing running shoes.

In an extremely competitive market competing against highly advertised giants like Nike and Reebok, ASICS has slowly edged its way in capturing a significant portion of the running shoe industry.

Even though 2006 annual sales were still lower than the usual market leaders, their impressive annual sales have consistently increased by 7%.

ASICS running shoes using the technology of GEL-Kinsei are available at leading ecommerce site ranging in price from Rs.7000/- to Rs.15000/-.

Women runners can have GEL-Kinsei shoes in two colors: gray with kiwi or coral detailing; while male runners can have them in gray with blue detailing.

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